In School

Relentless Youth Workers

In School

YOUCAN Youth Services’ Relentless Youth Workers stop at nothing — within reasonable measures — to reach out to youth and empower them in making positive, healthy and life changing decisions. Relentless Youth Workers aim to build long-term relationships with the youth as they move through the Stages of Change model with the goal that they will eventually live independently and out of harm’s way. We currently have 5 full-time youth workers in 8 schools within the community who collaborate together in connecting youth to their school communities in a positive way.

What We do


  • One to One support for youth
  • Engage in school culture
  • Advocate for resources establishing a support network for youth
  • Address root causes of attendance concerns
  • Support in understanding family dynamics
  • Group work in emotional-social challenges
  • Navigate community opportunities alongside youth
  • Network and support school staff


  • Mediations
  • Peacemaking Circles
  • Collaborative approach to help school cope with conflict/crisis


  • Engagement Activities/Club that fit needs of school (i.e. ladies lunch, workshops, tea club)
  • Connecting youth to community opportunities during PD days, Summer and Spring Breaks
  • Establishing network of formal supports for youth (Therapists, support groups, etc)
  • Locating food security, housing, counseling supports, etc.


Selection from 1hr-1day emotional wellness workshops aimed towards both staff and students including the following topics:

  • Dealing with Difference
  • Conflict Vs. Bullying
  • Peacemaking Circle Training
  • Drumming Circles

Program Sponsors

Thank you to the following supporters for funding our Relentless Youth Workers.

Youth Stories

The work we do is crucial in the lives of the youth we work with. Everybody has a story. View our youth stories videos here.