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Our Values

Be Relentless

Vision Statement

All youth feel valued, recognize their potential, embrace opportunities, and experience success.

Mission Statement

To help young people out of harm's way and onto a path of economic independence.

you didn't come this far to only come this far sign

YOUCAN Youth Services Values

Be Inclusive: We work with any young person seeking to change their lives.

Be Relentless: We are persistent; we do not give up.

Be Accountable: We encourage people to own their decisions.

Be Patient: Focus on the path and realize change can take time.

Build Momentum: We celebrate success with people and help them move forward striving to improve.

Can you help a YOUCAN Youth Services youth today?

The youth we work with have hopes and dreams. They want to live lives that they can be proud of. They want to contribute to our community. They want to have the same opportunities that we have. YOUCAN Youth Services relies upon the support of the community to help youth realize those hopes and dreams. Your support helps with things like food, work clothes, and bus passes to name a few. These “little things” make a huge difference assisting youth as they move out of harms way and start moving towards economic independence. Will you help a YOUCAN Youth Services youth today?